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The Making of an Entrepreneur

A Positive Mental Attitude—Your Way To Success. This past Sunday, in the studio with Marcus A. Wright (@wrightmentality) at DocuSeries recordings — as he shared how his grandfather told him “you can do and be anything you want to do”...

Marcus A. Wright Launches New Company

Executive Coach Marcus A. Wright Launches New Company

November 03, 20232 min read

Show Notes:

New company alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Marcus A. Wright, Executive Coach and CEO at Marcus A. Wright LLC, explore Marcus’ new company and the target market he serves.

About Marcus A. Wright

He helps organizations ignite their employee’s self-awareness for transparent communication, build team morale, and increase productivity. He’s working with executives and managers who desire to build teams for maximum results and profits.

Partnering with Marcus A. Wright, LLC you get the most effective Training & Coaching programs. Using Emotional Intelligence, Personality Training, and the WrightMentality training for self-awareness to create trust between diverse teams, respect, vision, and value for your employees.

He has led teams, consulted management, and coaching in many different capacities for over 23 years. He uses his real-life experiences to provide training and coaching to his clients. He’s a results-driven leader who provides clients with transformational guidance.

READY TO TALK? Contact Marcus – email:, or call 1.630.621.0708

About Marcus A. Wright, LLC

Marcus Wright is an experienced leader with 22 years of project management and leadership experience.  Throughout his career he has led multiple teams on many different journeys, including managing project teams, team building, client management, and leading training events. Marcus is a “people person” who forms powerful connections with individuals that bring out the best in them, and the best results for any project. Marcus’ experience in project management has led him toward a career in coaching and inspirational speaking.

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, as well as a Certified People Leader with PeopleTek coaching, Marcus is well prepared to help you on your leadership journey, improvement journey, or adding value to your personal brand. With a wealth of experience from working with some of the largest Fortune 500 Companies, Marcus is uniquely qualified to empower, teach, and equip others with the essentials of John Maxwell’s leadership philosophy, as well as inspiring leadership effectiveness through practical application and growth.

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